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Magical fantasy films and witches have always been the subject of the audience's expectations, this week The House with a Clock in Its Walls like Vietnamese The house with a magic clock will be a highlight in the list of The movie will hit theaters this September. Review of the movie The House with a Clock in Its Walls only assesses the movie without revealing the content of the movie, so you can safely read the review and go to the cinema to enjoy the movie.

As a fan of magic films such as Harry Potter, The Sorcerer Apprentice (2010) or Stardust (2007), you will not be able to ignore The House with a Clock in Its Walls. The content of the movie is not too new, but it brings viewers a magical and extremely magical world.

Movie The house with a magic clock is the story of a young boy orphan Lewis Bernavelt after an accident. Lewis was brought to live with his uncle Jonathan, who is a witch in a house with strange architecture. Lewis explores the mysterious Uncle Jonathan's house with countless ticking clocks around the clock - one of which is a magical clock. Out of curiosity, Lewis Bernavelt and Uncle Jonathan while exploring the watch were caught up in an adventure to save the world from the danger posed by that magical watch.

Familiar motif and linear plot so the film content is quite predictable, the audience will imagine how the end when watching more than half the movie. But for a magical adventure movie like The House with a Magic Clock, the ending isn't a "magnet" that keeps the audience lingering to the end of the movie, which is how the director built the magic world. , how to handle unexpected and clever situations of the characters. The film is a combination of fantasy elements, adventure with dramatic meetings and a bit of humor. Especially the last paragraph is both suspense, thrill and surprise that the audience can not take their eyes off the screen.
A family adventure movie, but with a lot of intimidating details to the picture and sound that startles you, though not as big as a horror movie, it must make you feel good. Therefore, Cinema Corner does not encourage parents to send children under 10 to the cinema to watch this movie.

Movie effect images at an acceptable level. The film uses most of its effects to create magical effects and perspective, so some of the scenes look a bit virtual but in return create a unique and eye-catching magical world.

Outside of the plot, the cast is probably the factor that attracts the audience to the theater. The duo Jack Black and Cate Blanchett on the one hand humor and cold on the other side seemingly can't be combined but in this movie, the performance is very good. Jack Black still style comedy and "muddy" as always. While this appearance was supposed to be a little stern and mature, Jack Black's Jonathan is like a second kid-to-body of the movie who always does good things. humor. In contrast to Cate Blanchett, she had a complete transformation from an evil villain in "Thor Rangarok", this film turned into a smart but equally humorous neighbor.

Private assessment of Jack Back in this movie, after years of absence on the screen, Jack returned but proved exhausted when creating laughter for the audience. Jack is the same, still funny style as usual but the taste of the audience is now very different. Jack's case is quite similar to Adam Sandler's two contemporaries, same comedy style but can not make the audience laugh anymore. They still just can't change themselves to keep up with the constantly changing movie market.

In short, The House with a Clock in Its Walls is a good and interesting family film, both adventurous, dramatic and humorous. Excellent review is not, but the movie is good enough that you can't take your eyes off the screen for a second. If you love fantasy movies with magic and magical creatures, go to the theater to watch the House with a magic clock.

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